Redd Zebra has always focused on sustainable efficient management of our existing buildings, this is just good commercial practice; for the environment and ROI.

Our MD recently completed Circular Economy and Sustainable Strategies course to enhance our existing expertise in ESG. The challenge to “be the change you want to see in the world” has been taken up by the recently graduated cohort with the development of the Circular Economy & Sustainable Strategies  Collaborative Group (CESSCG). Redd Zebra is providing voluntary administrative support for the global group and our MD, Keith Merry part of the Governance and Oversight Team.

The groups mission/mandate:

The CESSCG is a multi-disciplinary group formed to facilitate the sharing of sustainability related information / knowledge, collaboration amongst participants and, initially, to effect change within their own organisations / scope of influence

So Redd Zebra has created a Hub for members & networks, education & training and a resource library that has over 100+ white papers etc. covering such diverse topics as hair dressing, fashion to electronic vehicle, agriculture and mining and has run online networking and educational sessions.

If you wish to know more about our the group and Redd Zebra’s ESG service offering please email or contact one of our offices.