In an era marked by unprecedented environmental challenges, the imperative to adopt sustainable practices is more urgent than ever. Amidst growing concerns over climate change, companies that wholeheartedly embrace renewable energy sources, remote work solutions, and electric vehicles set a powerful example. Redd Zebra, has always thought differently, this is exemplified by integrating solar panels, remote work policies, and electric vehicles into their operations. Redd Zebra is “practicing what it preaches” and showcases a commitment to a more sustainable and responsible future.

Remote Work: Paving the Way for a Flexible Future

Redd Zebra embraced remote working very early demonstrating their forward-thinking approach and reducing environmental and financial impact. This early adoption in 2019 has continued enabling employees and our consultants to work remotely, significantly cutting down on commuting emissions, unproductive time travelling and more time with family. This not only benefits the environment but also enhances employee satisfaction and work-life balance.

Through remote work, Redd Zebra has embraced the modern workplace and remained flexible to the needs of our people and our clients. Redd Zebra has found the flexibility not only increases employee morale but also positions them as a company that values their people, efficiency and sustainability. This showcases a commitment to both their team’s well-being and the planet’s health. Keith Merry, Director

Solar Power: Illuminating Redd Zebra’s Path to Sustainability

Redd Zebra’s decision to incorporate solar panels is a testament to their dedication to reducing their carbon footprint. By harnessing the sun’s energy, these panels provide a clean alternative to conventional energy sources, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and lessening reliance on finite resources.

While this a small step it is significant, enabling the installation of solar panels on our remote facilities, Redd Zebra not only decreased their Scope 2, environmental impact but also set a precedent for other small businesses to follow. This investment in clean energy not only underscores Redd Zebra’s commitment to sustainability but also serves as an inspiration for their employees and the industry at large.

Electric Vehicles: Driving Toward a Greener Tomorrow

Redd Zebra’s integration of electric vehicles into their fleet is yet another instance of their dedication to sustainable practices. By utilising electric cars for transportation needs, they’re reducing air pollution and minimizing their reliance on fossil fuels. This move aligns seamlessly with their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint.

The adoption of electric vehicles isn’t just an environmental choice—it’s also a forward-looking business decision. With ongoing advancements in electric vehicle technology, these cars are becoming more affordable and practical. Redd Zebra’s investment in electric vehicles positions them as leaders in a transportation revolution that prioritizes sustainability.

Leading by Example: Redd Zebra’s Sustainable Journey

Redd Zebra’s multifaceted approach to sustainability serves as a shining example for small businesses nationally. By fully embracing solar panels, remote work policies, and electric vehicles,  Redd Zebra showcase how to align actions with values and drive change within an industry. Our commitment to a sustainable future isn’t just a marketing strategy; it’s a genuine effort to make a positive impact on the environment and society.

Our model demonstrates that adopting sustainable practices doesn’t just benefit the planet—it can also lead to increased efficiency, employee satisfaction, and long-term cost savings.

We hope Redd Zebra’s sustainable initiatives, inspired other businesses to follow suit, leading to a collective transformation toward a greener and more responsible future. Keith Merry, Director.

We believe our dedication to integrating solar panels, remote work, and electric vehicles into our operations sets an example for businesses everywhere. Our commitment to sustainability not only speaks to our values but also demonstrates the power of embracing change for the betterment of our planet. Through our actions, we prove that it’s not just about talking the talk—it’s about walking the walk toward a sustainable and brighter future for all.

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