Redd Zebra challenges itself and Clients to think differently. It’s in our DNA to challenge the status quo and think differently about how Clients’ challenges can be met.  We think differently by looking at the challenge and working backwards to find solutions that are smarter, simpler and more intuitive.

Our thinking differently about our Clients’ needs and challenges is engendered in our name. We challenge our Clients to think differently about us, starting with our unconventional name, our unorthodox spelling of red and our refreshing and disruptive approach to the way we offer our services.


The Red(d) Zebra is based on a folklore told by African tribesman. It is said that the Red(d) Zebra will appear in times of need, when you are lost, and need direction to reach your goal. It is said that the Red(d) Zebra will lead you to the truce of the water hole where everyone works collaboratively for the collective benefit of all.


It is this folklore (and beautiful metaphor) together with a drive to disrupt the current consulting experience, that drove Keith Merry to found Redd Zebra; a collective of like-minded consultants who think differently and work collaboratively to provide a higher level of service that leads you to the achievement of your goal(s).

Redd Zebra is driven to provide the expertise and results you expect but never truly experience.


Fundamentally we all engage with people and organisations with passion .

Their Why is so compelling that we are inspired to be and give our best. It is this principle understanding that drives Redd Zebra.

Our Why is enabling you to achieve your project goalsOur success is measured in its attainment.


Redd Zebra is the only truly independent Asset & Building Advisory organisation in Australia. Unlike our competitors we have no conflict of interest, hidden (not so hidden) agenda, or ulterior motive once we are engaged.  Our objective is for you to fulfil yours.

We provide Asset & Building Advisory services throughout the property (asset & building) life-cycle: from origination; acquisition and operation to repositioning and final disposal. We work with you to minimise and mitigate risk, reduce unnecessary costs and optimise returns.


Redd Zebra works collaboratively with you and your team. We are driven by our why, continually looking at ways to improve the services we provide. For any project we ensure that you have the best team with continuity of service and personnel. This includes active involvement from senior consultants and Directors. This is especially important to us, ensuring we have constant feedback on your level of project satisfaction and our ability to respond to any challenges.


Operating nationally, our head office is in Brisbane with dedicated offices on the eastern seaboard.

We also have access to over 25 affiliated offices throughout Australia and New Zealand giving us greater reach.