Redd Zebra provides a suite of services that fall into two service streams:

  • Asset Advisory – these services assist property (asset) owners, managers, users, investors and financiers optimise their investment (money and time) through the effective and efficient management of their property (assets). This is not about sweating assets to reduce cost, it is about tailored expenditure and investment to get an optimised outcome that creates shareholder value.
  • Building Advisory – these services assist the same user profiles understand the current condition, liability and risk associated with a building or portfolio. Typically, we support your team to enable informed strategic asset management decisions.   

Our services are offered throughout the property (asset & building) life-cycle: from origination; acquisition and operations to repositioning and final divestment. We utilise proprietary data capture and reporting tools to ensure our services are provided to a constant high standard.


Our Gap Analysis is tailored to understand the key ‘pinch points’ and ‘challenges’ faced by your organisation. Our analysis identifies the key ‘challenges’ that can be addressed internally and those best suited to be undertaken by a third party. We aim to achieve best practice, guided by:

  • ISO41001 – Facility management – Management systems – Requirements with guidance for use
  • ISO41011 – Facility management – Vocabulary
  • ISO41012 – Facility management – Guidance on strategic sourcing and the development of agreements
  • ISO 55000 series: Asset Management, and
  • Strategic FM Framework RICS guidance note, Global 1st edition

Our reviews typically include:

    • Asset management strategy and policy
    • Service levels
    • Demand forecasting
    • Governance structures
    • Contracting / outsourcing processes
    • Organisational capability
    • Compliance reviews
    • Information systems
    • Funding, budgets and forecasting
    • Lifecycle decision making
    • Quality Management
    • Performance monitoring and continuous improvement processes; and
    • Maintenance planning processes

Benefit: Comprehensive understanding of your property/asset portfolio and its effective management.

Our FM advisory services relate to the planning, procurement and management of property assets. We believe that the successful attributes of an asset management strategy include understanding the existing asset base, its fit for purpose and alignment with the organisation’s projected needs. Our services include structuring, delivery models, preparing contracts and specifications, preparation of reports and performance monitoring, tendering and negotiating contracts and post contract advisory services.

Benefit: Comprehensive understanding of your FM requirements and the optimal approach to their delivery.

We are able to assist in the development of your IOT strategy, aligning it to your overall asset management strategies. Our review includes:

      • data collection and transfer
      • data analytics
      • work orders created and data saved against assets

Additionally, we review the use of remote collected data about an asset to determine the asset’s behaviour. We are able to assist in understanding the Big Data implications and sort through what this means to you and your organisation to optimise outcomes.

Benefit: Understand the benefit to your organisation and realise: reduced capex, reduced call centre involvement, increased process efficiencies and provide  data analysis for strategic asset management planning.

Our asset registers are compiled using a vigorous data collection methodology which provides data integrity and flexibility of analysis. We can provide asset registers in various formats from basic static data to comprehensive data that includes life-cycle, criticality and condition and can be uploaded into proprietary systems.

Benefit: Provides a record of the asset for the use in strategic planning, funding, sinking fund preparation and tax depreciation.

We utilised our proprietary data collection Mobile App negating old fashioned, labour intensive and error riddled practices. This ensures a high level of accuracy and integrity of the data. Data collected can be utilised to develop a comprehensive asset register, condition rating and asset tagging.

Benefit: A single point of truth, better financial control, reduced financial and OH&S Risk, informed maintenance scheduling and strategic asset management, greater consistency, faster data collection speeds and greater quality of data.

Our Lease Reviews are tailored to your requirements. Typically our Clients want to understand the asset obligation and mitigate risk by tying this data to the assets in their proprietary Asset Management System, therefore having transparency around the lease and any liabilities. Our reviews enable the Client to develop a template for future leases and allow them to assess which leases in their portfolio are working for them, and which are not. In the long run this could save them millions of dollars.  

Our lease review can extrapolated the data within the leases and analyse over 30 different parameters ranging from overall rent per square metre, type of lease,  lease expiry, market review mechanisms, to contribution to outgoings and promotion and marketing levies, make good obligations and how mechanical maintenance costs are treated (e.g. air-conditioning, lifts).

Benefit: Transparency around lease obligations, mitigation of risk, effective management/analysis and planning and cost savings

We undertake an on-site collection of elemental property data (which can include condition, criticality, backlog maintenance and compliance) relating to the building structure, fabric and building services.

Benefit: single source database for effective management. Informs on-going repairs, maintenance and capital expenditure forecasting

Effective asset management is achieved by understanding the life cycle of your assets. Our approach to life cycle modelling assesses the replacement cost and life expectancy of building’s major elements. Our model can be used during initial planning and design of the building through to longer term asset management.

Benefit: Allows the impact of design or redevelopment decisions to be assessed both as upfront cost and as longer term maintenance and repair.

Redd Zebra’s collective knowledge across multiple disciplines enables us to provide a clear understanding of forecast capital expenditure. This enables cost effective management of your property or portfolio. We are also able to benchmark performance against industry and our internal indices.

Benefit: Ability to identify cost anomalies and trends including benchmarking building expected performance. 

Redd Zebra Energy aligns with our Corporate Social Responsibility, caring for the environment, as we are custodians of our planet for future generations.  Our sustainability services start with understanding your ‘green goals’ and policies. By reviewing these against current procedures we are able to provide effective plans to deliver the required ‘sustainable’ outcomes. We provide;

      • Certification & Assessments (NABERS, Building Energy Efficiency Certificates (BEEC), Greenstar etc
      • Advocacy
      • Capital expenditure forecasts 

Benefit: management of sustainability (energy) issues enabling the identification of opportunities to improve environmental outcomes and cost savings


We undertake an independent inspection that analyses the condition based issues with a property and provide an impartial report. This can include capital expenditure forecasts and benchmarking to demonstrate the positive attributes of the building or property portfolio.

Benefit: Reduces the need for multiple teams accessing your building and negatively affecting the tenants. Can speed up the sales process and reduce ‘interested parties’ submitting conditional offers.

We undertake an independent inspection that analyses the condition based issues with a property at acquisition and the associated future capital expenditure requirements. Our reports range from high-level overview ‘Red-Flag’ Reporting to comprehensive reports including Client Technical Representative during the transaction.

Benefit: Understand the commercial impediments, immediate rectifiable issues, forecast capital expenditure, and actual/forecast operational efficiency of the property. Used during contract negotiation

We undertake an independent desktop review of available data and then undertake a comprehensive building inspection to assess the current condition. Our reports include condition based issues, backlog maintenance, compliance and risk. We can also review the maintenance regime including procedures and processes to assist in the preparation of maintenance and capital expenditure plans and budgets.

Benefit: Creates a clear picture of a building and property portfolio and enables the owner to make informed long-term asset decisions.

We undertake a detailed review of the lease and the Make Good obligations prior to inspection of the premises and building condition. Our reports can be undertaken prior to lease commencement through to termination. The reports include identification of breaches of the lease including items of disrepair and general remedial works. Final schedule of make good includes costed budgets.

Benefit: Provides clarity and certainty between tenant and landlord. Mitigates future disputes.

We have developed a robust methodology utilising the Property Council of Australia “A Guide to Office Building Quality, 2nd Edition 2012” to develop a comparative, benchmarking representation that shows diagrammatically where your building sits from Premium through to C Grade

Benefit: Provides a comparative map that highlights the building’s rating against each parameter. This allows a justifiable statement of quality and can assist in strategic asset management.