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Project Description

Developing an ESG Pathway for a Not-for-Profit Organisation.

This project included evaluating the ESG governance structure, conducting a business readiness assessment, ensuring regulatory compliance, conducting materiality assessment, analysing data & analytics, setting objectives, analysing risks, and aligning reporting frameworks.

Phases & Activities:

  1. Evaluate:
    • ESG Governance: Set policy, agree on structure and timeframes.
    • Business Readiness: Engage the board, craft vision, align strategy.
    • Compliance & Best Practice: Review financial, legal, procurement aspects.
    • Materiality Assessment: Identify crucial issues and set priorities.
    • Data & Analytics: Evaluate captured data, tools, and risks.
    • Objectives: Establish topic-focused work groups, set ESG priorities.
    • Risk Analysis: Identify barriers to ESG strategy.
  2. Decide:
    • Draft Strategy: Align strategy with capabilities, ensure feasibility.
    • Procedure: Define responsibilities, establish KPIs, integrate ESG into practices.
    • Measurement: Track progress with specific and relevant metrics.
  3. Disclose:
    • Communication: Set channels, report progress to stakeholders.


Redd Zebra built a comprehensive ESG pathway, integrated ESG principles into operations and communication. Regular reviews ensure continuous improvement and alignment with stakeholder expectations and industry best practices.

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